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So Glad To Have Found You


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Greetings all:

I've been trying to find my spiritual/religious way since I was about 5 years old, and that was a very long time ago! I remember being told by my best friend when I was very little that I would be going to hell because my oldest sister married a Catholic. And I thought, "Well that's not fair - I didn't have anything to do with that!" Ha-ha! Anyway, I've left various churches over the years because I just couldn't convince myself that their way was the "only way" and that whatever god that exists out there could be so punishing and spiteful. If my parents were able to express unconditional love no matter what I did, why wouldn't god? So, here I am, happy to have found this site and grateful that I haven't given up my search. I look forward to getting to know you.


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Hi Bobbie,


I'm really glad you found this forum and am looking forward to getting to know you also.


There's a wealth of material archived here from heaps of discussions which you may find very interesting and useful, but don't be afraid to step in and kick off any discussion of your own.




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Bobbie thanks for sharing, I am Christian and also think it is ridiculous, mean and inappropritate for Christians who main tennant is love to condemn two people of different or the same sex who love each other. May they go beyond ego-consciousness and realize we are all one.

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