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Hello Friends!


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Hi there friends!


My name's Lucas. I was delighted to happen upon this forum, as I've been a long time admirer of John Shelby Spong's writing, and of the the principles of progressive christianity. I've been a practising zen buddhist for some years, and Iconsider buddhist practise to be perfectly complementary to being christian. Like many PC's, I also see God as the ground of being, the source of love and of life... we don't talk about God so much in Buddhist sanghas, though with all our focus on mindfulness, oneness and connectedness, it has always seemed to me that God is the thing or experience we're connecting with (again, that's just my personal view/experience)...


So I look forward to connecting with you guys too... I hope you are all well, wherever you are (I'm in NYC, btw)..


Much love,


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Hello Lucas and welcome.


I also see Buddhism in general to be quite complimentaryat least to progressive Christianity though of course the language is quite different. It seems to me there is much wisdom in other traditions if we study them with an open mind. The lack of the use of the word God doesn't to me really subtract anything since that word has baggage attached that seems to point more to an image in fundamentalism than the real thing. Oneness, connective-ness, ground of being , etc seem to me to be more abstract but more accurate when pointing to that which is beyond mere definition.


I hope you enjoy your experience here.



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