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Is The "tradition" Leg Of The Episcopal Stool Crumbling?

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Today's Bishop Spong Q&A posting places adherence to 4th century developed dogma that no longer meets 21st century realities in the position of a traditional practice that needs to be reevaluated in light of today's realities and liturgical practice.


Should we just continue repeating the misconstrued theology that is centered on Atonement, guilt, and our sinful nature out of Traditional practice? Or is it time to make this leg of the Episcopal Stool to be the relevant 1/3 of our "being" that it needs to be?

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I feel the consciousness of the conservative Christian ego relates to God in an objective vision, an object of adoration external to the ego self on the same plane as people and objects on the surface, but sooner or later they will extend their devotion to the depths of God’s unbounded ocean of love. Hopefully, their egos don’t hurt too many people sending them to hell with their judgments as they continue in their religion to keep themselves from going to hell, but after experiencing hell in their hellish thoughts they will turn to the soul for comfort. Therefore, I feel we need a new millenium of experiencing and teaching the spiritual experience of God. The experience is the same but the language, science and egos are different so to direct them to the spirit we have to update our methods.

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I'll just settle for people understanding that what was written thousands of years ago, across hundred of years, by individuals from a variety of times and societal settings, are just opinion pieces and can be scrutinised against the light and understandings of 2015.

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