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Hello From Central Florida


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Hi. I'm not in agreement with all of your 8 Points but I also feel like I have no place on the internet to speak out.


I live in a conservative Episcopal diocese, and I'm formerly an Orthodox catechumen and been struggling to find a church home as a Christian. Yet, I'm otherwise conservative ,from an Eastern Orthodox perspective. It angers me that the past and present bishops have all been outspoken in opposing gay rights. Yet politically I consider myself more of a libertarian and leftish politics of national churches alienates me too. Government is part of the problem, people telling other people how to live, what's best for them, and so on. I believe that Jesus was not an authoritarian, and indeed, government is just another empire tainted by the same frailty and sin that all humans are plagued with. I also don't agree with mainstream environmentalism. It's too much dominated by white, privileged elites. I wince sometimes listening to the Episcopalian litany where there is an environmentalist prayer, just because the rest of the litany is so deeply rooted in Christian tradition... except the final point. It just sounds like 1970's eco-religion (the Rite I equivalent is not so bad, it actually sounds much more compatible).


So, my views as a Christian are so complicated that I don't feel I fit in anywhere. There are actually Christian forums that forbid a person to defend homosexuality, yet I believe the Bible is actually silent on the subject. It irritates me that certain sites don't allow us gay-affirming Christians to speak our minds on the issue. Not all Christians think gays are a problem that needs to be fixed.

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Welcome FireDragon,


I don't think anybody here will compel you to accept the 8 Points to participate in the forum! :)


Essentially, as long as we respect other people and their opinions, we can all enjoy a diverse and fruitful place to discuss our thoughts and views.


I hope you enjoy it here and I look forward to your participation.




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Welcome Firedragon,


I would ditto Paul's remarks. PC is not about dogma or rituals though we are each at different points in the journey so i do not take offence of anyone clinging to a particular dogma as long as they are not disrespectful of one who might hold views that differ.



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FireDragon, I am a Christian too, but feel Christianity, which is about love and then hates two people who love each other is not the religion of Christ, but just the religion about Christ. Anyway, I don't think our soul has a gender, religion or cares.

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