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Liberal Christians And Lent


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I am not into the great Lent "Do without", the ashes, the sackcloth, or praying at the Stations of the Cross et. But my time in a High Church Anglican congregation and the impressive symbolism has left its mark. Advent and Lent are seen traditionally as times of spiritual journeying. And this is my journey and my processing.

I do a lot of reflective art pieces for my church but usually during the Lent period I go into hyperdrive. The pieces stay on the walls until Easter and then I replace them with other pieces. The church is happy with the arrangement. It stirs discussion and sometimes brings a fresh perspective for someone. Ironically my church does not acknowledge Lent in any way and would probably be horrified if they worked out there is a link between this highly productive time and Lent. But frankly, for me it works.

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