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Science And Religion


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Coming from a science background, I have always had a great deal of trouble understanding let alone accepting the thought that some people still reject evolution. Historically I have difficulty not viewing them with distain as they choose to believe something that seems to me to be utterly foolish.


I had a revolation a week or so ago. In spite of the fact my degree is in chemistry I do not understand the math behind the support for the big bang. I have never seen another galaxy , i have never been to the Galápagos Islands .


My point is while I have a general understanding of the theorys I have no direct knowlege that the theories are accurate. I am taking other peoples word for it. I believe the scientists! Is this much different from the new earthers who believe the theologens that say the earth is only 6000 years old? Kinda depends upon who do we put our faith.


I now will try to have a bit more understanding of those who I view to be wrong.



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In my experience to date it seems the scientists can provide a lot more evidence and logic to their understanding than new earthers can to theirs, but appreciating how important the NE's theory is to NE's is the key to understanding their fervent faith.


To me, if the science of evolution has made some mistakes or incorrect assumptions, no big deal. But to a bible-believing new earther, any threat to their theory can rock their whole world. I mean if a being called God didn't physically mould Adam from dirt and Eve from Adam's rib, then the bible's integrity is threatened from the very outset (if you share that interpretation of biblical historicity). When your whole life is styled around a fundamental & literal understanding of the bible and Christianity, that is a serious threat.

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