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Bishop Robinson


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The first openly gay Anglican bishop says he is being falsely accused of suggesting that Jesus might have been homosexual.


"I can assure you with absolute certainty that was not my implication, and certainly not anything I ever said," Bishop V. Gene Robinson told the New Hampshire Union Leader. He is a bishop in the Episcopal Church, the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion.


He said he is "being flooded with angry messages" because of Web log comments about his comments at a Feb. 13 forum on sexual issues at Christ Church in Hamilton, Massachusetts.



The church and a collection of mp3 audio files;




Homosexuality and the Body of Christ:

Is There a New Way?



Bishop Robinson Remarks - Part 1




Bishop Robinson Remarks - Part 2




Panel Discussion - Part 1


Panel Discussion - Part 2

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I read that That Bishop Gene said was that Jesus 's life was "unconventional."

I don't know why people automatically think "unconventional" = "gay".

Jesus was certainly unconventional. Wandering rabbis who buck the religious establishment and live off of charity while preaching love, and TOUCH lepers are pretty unconventional.


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Exactly! In "The Jesus I Never Knew" by Philip Yancey, he says something to the effect that Jesus had to do something to earn the reputation as one who eats and drinks with sinners (it wasn't just a one time or couple of time occurence).


You can't get much more unconventional in ancient Israel than to hang out with women, talk to Gentiles, call the religious leaders hypocrites, wash the feet of your friends, preach that the poor and meek have an advantage over the rich, heal and teach on the Sabbath and teach that the Kingdom of God is coming and will oust Caesar. ;)

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