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Watering The Seed Of Happiness

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We should not waste the seed of happiness that we carry within because it is essential for life and it is not what has happened, or will happen to us, but how we respond in the present moment that determines it. The consideration of thoughts and the quality of actions in life produces and expands this joy. It is experienced within our being, but must be discovered before we can share it with others in the same way that nobody can take away our pain, once we find the Divinity within, no one will be able to take away our happiness. We have three major parts to our mind and need to go through and learn from each one to reach our true identity and the first one is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is where the ego manages to survive and even though we can’t get rid of it, we can understand it because we need it to function on the physical plane. The ego is like a teenager who wants to continuously go outside and play via the senses and look for amusement. The problem is when we let it run our life because it is the voice we hear in our head that speaks softly about how bad things are, which creates negative programming and pain. This is not an insurmountable problem because we can work with a discouraging self-image and make it positive. The ego gathers information on the material plane and provides it to the conscious mind to analyze. The physical plane is the realm of duality so things are considered separate and bound in time and space, which separates our past, present and future. The conscious mind creates the belief that we are separate beings even separate from God. This is where images of God are fashioned shaping him in the form of humans because the conscious mind only knows what it experiences in the human form. It is the ruler in the realm of perception even though it is only 10% of our mind because it deals with the thoughts and appearances from the visible world. It makes decisions from what the five senses collect so it is the entryway or opening to understand our purpose on this planet. Our ego delivers information from the material realm and returns our response, but if we don’t take accountability for our lives with the proper decisions then the ego takes on the responsibility for us. It is not capable of handling the task limited in scope so it results in our being lead into pain and suffering while we retreat from our true existence. It also binds us with fear even creating a god of revenge, anger and vengeance out of the human image even though we were created in God’s image. We need a healthy ego, not one that condemns us or others so we need to let our higher-self be the parent, not to get in the way, but to lead in the right direction. There is no headstrong, deliberate changing of our ego because that is also egotistical, consisting of beliefs, opinions, judgments and prejudices that only makes us right and others wrong. To become responsible for our thoughts we only need to observe and witness them, not to mistake them as the truth. The truth is not what we believe because truth can’t be placed into words, but what we experience in the higher self. Witnessing our thoughts from the soul’s perspective opens the confines of the conscious mind that our ego locked up causing us the pain and suffering. The continuous experience of love, peace, happiness and wisdom can be accessible all the time and not bit by bit with our deliverance. This redemption is important so the Holy Spirit can make use of our emancipation and replace our fear with love.

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