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Hey guys -


I'm just diving into progressive christianity. Never knew there were so many others who believed like me. Looking forward to getting into the mix!


Right off the bat, I'm looking for a small group study that I could bring into our church. I attend a fairly evangelical church (AoG), but am trying to work a bit of this in, so I'd like something that isn't terribly obvious or in your face, but gently introduces more progressive thinking.


Any recommendations?



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Welcome to the PC discussion board. You may be outnumbered but you are not alone in your thinking. :)


Junp into any discussion that interests you or start your own topic. I think you might get some good ideas on working in something into your church as you suggest by reading a few threads in the Progressive Christianity forum section or Debate section and picking a topic that to you personally doesn't sound "so in your face" . Here is one i think might be good for starters but you know the people better than me so it would be best to look over the topics yourself and pick one that seems gentle enough for starters.


Again welcome,


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