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In The Name Of Religion

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This is my first read on child sex abuse in Jewish community


I was shocked things like this occurred in addition to the Catholics


I recalled one of my uncle once mentioned his experience with Buddhist monk in a temple at a funeral event: He ridiculed one of them who recited the words for sending the deceased to heaven, saying that you buddhists are the most snobbish; you treated your clients(the deceased families) differently according to their wealth.


I respect different religions or beliefs, yet not few of the claims or liturgy or instructions are set by people in their prejudice, bias, limited capacity, if not their own interest.

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I think there are people who will do or encourage or turn a blind eye to 'bad' things no matter whether it's in a religion, in a political association, in a sports group, or even the scouts. Unfortunately there is a certain percentage of the human population that will cause harm, commit offences, and tarnish the good side of many of these organisations, clubs, etc etc. I'm not suggesting it should be acceptable, rather that it is currently a fact of our reality.

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