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Hi From Queensland, Australia!


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I am so glad to have come across Progressive Christianity. I thought I would have to abandon my faith altogether. My history is in the evangelical movement and it is quite rigid in its beliefs, despite claiming freedom in the Spirit. With a very sad heart, I thought I would not be able to call myself a Christian anymore because my beliefs were so different to what I knew my church could accept. I am so glad to have chanced upon Shelby Spong's interview on the Spirit of Things on Radio National and to find like-minded Christians.


I am a worship leader on an extended break, partly because of working out my own faith, and partly because I have given birth to my firstborn. He's five months old now and absolutely beautiful :) My husband and I are extremely proud of him and hope to have a few more. I love to sing, play acoustic guitar and write songs. I am returning to music ministry, but not at the same capacity as previously.


No one in my church knows of my beliefs fully, because I am sure they would not let me do the things I do or accept me as much as they do. So if you happen to live in Australia, and if you figure out who I am in real life, I ask that you please keep my identity a secret. Until I feel convicted, then I am keeping many of my beliefs to myself. Already, they know I practise Yoga and don't believe that the Bible in infallible. I have championed for Christians and seekers among the LGBT community. I hold other beliefs and draw on pagan traditions to practise my faith as I feel lead, but I do not tell anyone else about these.


I am currently reading 'Liberating the Gospels' by Shelby Spong and 'Magic on the Breath' by Tylluan Penry.


I am open to making friendships here and sharing ideas and experiences with you all. I will pretty much talk to anyone and everyone!


Looking forward to catching up with you!


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Hi Azvanna,

Welcome to this site. I’m new here too; I’ve just been a member for 12 days.


Congratulations on your new baby. I’m sure he is beautiful, …as all babies are.


I’m a Spong fan too, and was a bit of a “follower” for the first two years or so after I first read his Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism somewhere back in the 1900’s. Today I find that I disagree with some of his outlooks, but I still think the world and more of the man. I write some lyrics too, some spiritual and some not as much.


I’m sure with your background you could make some wonderful contributions to this site. I hope that it works out well for you.

Cheers and Good Day



PS – there is another Aussie here on this site


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Welcome Azvanna,


Wow Queensland, i see you are from the opposite side of Austrailia from PaulS (member) here. Are you close to the barrier reef or more inland?


You are not alone in your story. Most here have had similarly challenging experiences with their established church system and in time had to leave . I think you will find progressive Christianity more to your liking as it is more of an individual journey of progressing knowledge and understanding rather than any fixed dogma or creed.


Again welcome ,


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Welcome Azvanna,


Yes, I too am an Aussie, albeit from the other side of the country, and I certainly have no idea who you are, so your secret is safe with me :)


I grew up within fundamental Christianity (Bassendean Church of Christ in Perth) but began to question everything I had been indoctrinated with when at 18 years of age I joined the police force (served 13 years and left it 15 years ago) and saw the world from a different perspective.


That was a very difficult time for me as I began to change my beliefs and move away from the Church. Within a year or two I had left the Church altogether. My parents still attend, and my sister felt called by God to be a missionary in Mexico, so I am rather the black sheep in my immediate family.


I simply say this to maybe reference some understanding about what you may be going through. I think it's terrific that you have found perhaps some way to look at your faith which makes more sense that what you have been led to believe to date, and I hope participating an dreading here will help and comfort you on this journey.




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