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I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and converted to Roman Catholicism a while back. In between, I have explored everything from Tibetan Buddhism, I Ching and Chakra balancing.


I am also a Lesbian with her 34th anniversary today and getting ready for her wedding in New York in November.


And part of me is broken. On Tuesday morning, I was elated by the new window dressing the Vatican put in the window. Yay, I could finally agree to be on Parish Council! By Tuesday night, I was broken in two. There was not even window dressing anymore. That synod of fat old men finally went too far.


And today, I am strangely relieved. All the lies I had told myself to get along in the RCC are so exposed...how could I even buy my own excuses for staying? I have been beaten one too many times. But, part of me is crying...I have friends at church...then I say: if they are friends, they will remain so after I leave, right?


Now, I am FREE and reading Bishop Spong with new openness and eagerness. I am exploring Progressive Christianity and other communities. And I think I will keep my Catholic Worker subscription, too!

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Welcome satchbee,


So glad you took the time to share a bit with us. Leaving the organized church system is indeed a painful experience for most of us. I was raised Roman Catholic. I think you are correct in thinking that if your friends are true friends they will not abandon you. May your journey be fruitful and supply you with the true peace you are seeking.


love in Christ,


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Hi satchbee and welcome,


Congratulations on your anniversary and upcoming wedding.


I’m straight, but have had a number of friends who are gay and have a good friend with a close family member who is gay. There are also a few gay people at the spiritual center that I sometimes visit.


I’ve known a few people who have stuck with the Catholic faith and have tried to change it from within and others who have left. I can admire both positions and hope everyone can find what they need and are looking for.


I can identify with your feelings concerning a window opening and closing on how you are valued and considered with in a prominent, leading system. When Sara Palin got in as the VP candidate after Hillary had been a top running candidate for President, I felt for the first time in my life that I counted for something. That I meant something to a country that has meant so very much to me and that I finally mattered. Then Sara opened her mouth and the window closed. It was a great one day of feeling that way though, one I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life. :)


I’m a big fan of Bishop Spong too, though not an absolute total follower.


I’m new on this site too, been a member for just about a week. I really needed a place where I could express some non-literalistic ideas concerning my beliefs and Christianity and am hoping this site will work well for me.


I hope that it will work well for you too.


Cheers – E

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Hi satchbee,

I want to let you know that I don't think you are the only gay person on this post forum. I'm not sure, but it does sometimes seem that way.


Regardless, there's at least a few people who will be supportive of who you are.


Peace and Freedom


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Yes E you are correct, satchbee is welcome in this community regardless of sexual orientation. We indeed do have others members here of all sexual orientations. Our Point 3 of our 8 points summarizes it and reads......

As PC's we.... Seek community that is inclusive of ALL people, including but not limited to:

  • Conventional Christians and questioning skeptics,
  • Believers and agnostics,
  • Women and men,
  • Those of all sexual orientations and gender identities,
  • Those of all classes and abilities;


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Welcome satchbee,


Congrats on your upcoming wedding.


It sounds like you are working through some issues with your church that are helping you in the long term. I wish you well in your journey and I hope you're friends remain so regardless of your affiliation with that church or not.




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