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Was This Website Down Today?

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I'm wondering if this discussion board website was down today? I've had the worst time getting it to open both with explorer and chrome. Other websites seemed to be working just fine for me.


I just want to know if it's something here or if maybe there's something amiss with my computer.


Problem is, now I'm a bit short on time and don't know if I can participate much today.



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It hasn't been down when i have checked . Been on multiple times today. We do have a hosting service and it is possible it went down without my knowledge for a short period. Usually it will give you a message indicating it is down at the moment, account is suspended or a page not available error.



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I don't know what happened. I kept getting messages like the server that you are trying to contact is not working and things like that. I tried Googling and searching with AVG and the same sort of thing kept happening and I still couldn't connect. Maybe it had something to do with a local server that my internet connects through, but like I say it seemed I could connect to other sites just fine.


Thanks for the consideration - E

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