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Copying And Pasting From Word

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I'm unable to copy and paste text from Word. I've tried the paste functions in the upper right corner of the post box, and have tried using the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V keyboard functions. I can't even get a word to copy and paste when just working with in the post box.


I prefer to work in Word, it's more familiar and gives me more time to edit and think about what I'm saying. I can even think about an idea for a day or two before posting it.


Can anyone help me with this?



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I also use Chrome instead of explorer and copy and paste seem to work well from all of my document programs though i usually don't use them very frequently to post here. Drafts are saved automatically in the reply window and can be edited until ready to post. In fact I exited my browser , came back to this thread, clicked in the reply field and and chose to restore saved content before adding this sentence .



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Hi Romansh and Joseph,


I don't seem to have an option to save a page as a draft. Perhaps it's because I'm a new member and this option is only offered to a longer term user?


I like using explorer for the internet because I have certain security functions set up in the browser, though I might try using chrome for this site.



This problem seems to have somehow corrected itself. I’ve tried several other times to copy and paste from Word to the message boxes and it simply didn’t work. Today I seem to be able to do it with out any problems.


The above 3 sentences are c&p'ed from Word and right now it's working fine.


Thanks for your input and help


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