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What Is Your Favorite Understanding Of Resurrection?


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Norm reminded me of one of my favorite tv series, Joan of Arcadia. Here is a conversation between Little Girl God and Joan which has a good definition of resurrection.


Little Girl God: And they all lived happily ever after? (Joan turns) There's a surprise. (Joan scoffs) You guys really like that ending.

Joan: Yeah, well, you have a better one?

Little Girl God: They all moved towards spiritual growth and enlightenment?

Joan: Yeah. That's gonna work with the kids.

Little Girl God: Ever notice that the guy always has to risk his life and the girl is nearly dead when he finds her? It takes a kiss to wake her up and they ride off together. It's a nice metaphor.

Joan: For what?

Little Girl God: Death and resurrection.

Joan: Yeah. Well, that's a fun party game.

Little Girl God: It happens all the time. The illusion dies so that something deeper can take its place.

Joan: (sits down) Are you saying that... Adam and I are an illusion?

Little Girl God: Romance serves a purpose. It’s a meditative state. It puts logic to sleep so that people can come together. Otherwise you guys probably wouldn't risk it.

Joan: Why did you have to make love so complicated? I mean... couldn't that one thing been easy?

Little Girl God: Love is big. It's a bright light in the universe and a bright light casts a big shadow. So, what do you wanna do, Joan?

Joan: (sighs) How am I supposed to know?

Little Girl God: By looking at it. Real love is hard work; you have to decide if you want it in your story. Or if you'd rather just stay in the dream.



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Romance as a meditative state - beautiful! One of the few times the self is abandoned and we are no longer separate. The self fears death and hopes for the security of a resurrection. But life itself has come in and out of existence since the beginning. Death, renewal and resurrection are woven into the fabric of existence. It is the belief in our separateness that is an illusion.


Alan Watts said it this way: "Death is the epitome of the truth that in each moment we are thrust into the unknown. Here all clinging to security is compelled to cease, and wherever the past is dropped away and safety abandoned, life is renewed. Death is the unknown in which all of us lived before birth" - The Wisdom of Insecurity.




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