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My Honest Thoughts


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I've been a practicing believer for many years following the traditional Salvation Army way of things, I enjoyed going out helping the homeless and also played in the band it was a fantastic experience, the two captains in our church were as easy going but very traditional and easy to approach, I met lots of good and very good fellow believers, life was being lived they way I wanted. Turning down parties and and sex for a belief that was close to my heart very much. I always new throughout my growing experience there would be bad christians along the way, this did not bother me and still doesn't, although it did lead me to not using the title christian and stuck with believer, backed up later by 2 years of study into the history of christianity and not seeing anywhere telling us to call ourselves christian, the disciples never refered to themselves as that, as far as I can know it came in at a latter stage by either enemies (romans) of us or by later christians. Same goes for the cross when did jesus say ever wear one, I know some might say what about "pick up your cross and follow me " but I don't think anyone of the time thought if he really did say that wear one around your neck. What about going to church, some will say "where one or two gather I will be there" or "gather with other believers" but I don't go to church, I am part of the church and get together with other believers when I can, we study and really pray and discuss topics of faith. What about changing the day from the original jewish day Saturday, which seventh day adventists still abide by to our Sunday, was that the church hire ups again telling us what God or G-d wanted. And the pope when did God actually speak to him and say your my representaive on earth, if that is true then every Protestant (another silly man made title, to divide and cause damage) who denies him is going to hell, if there is such a place, or another invention of the church which I think it is.


God to me is the ultimate love and forgiveness, above and beyond what us humans are are capable of and unless we all turn to God we never wil be, it's sad that the world won't wake up and just say God I fully trust you with my life, here you go take control. Petty things like getting the last word in or getting on over on others has been replaced in me by the holy spirit as soon as I let go of the reins, and one final lesson I found again only in my studies, I used to preach to anyone I could and then found through studying Jesus never ment chapter and verse when he told us to spread his message he ment tell people of the eternal love God has for them all they have to do is let go of control.


We cannot take on the stuborn churches out there, but we can show the right way is love.


To this day I am still a follower of the christ path which is not the only way but one of many ways to find God, we will be in the place some refer to as heaven with all people of love, Muslims, Jews and many more people of different belief systems, God sees the person not the religious rituals we perform. Still a virgin, still a beliver and still very thankfull for all the love of God shown through his son Jesus Christ.


Whatever doubts I have I always turn to the thoughts of loving and helping others and soon all doubt has gone. That's my way , God has us all on our own path to him oneday and has left a wonderful and beautiful world for us to spend this life in.


Bless you all, thank you.


In Jesus' Name












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Welcome Bryan and thanks for sharing your thoughts.


I like your statement "God to me is the ultimate love and forgiveness" . Forgiveness is what opened the door for me personally. However it was my own lack of forgiveness for another that was my obstacle. It seems to me, God's forgiveness is always there and goes without saying. In fact IF i were speaking for God, i would say, "there is nothing to forgive" .


Anyway, thanks for your heart felt introduction and welcome to the community,


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Thank you very much Joseph, a welcome from the man at the top, well I mean Admin of this forum :D or spokesman for God maybe?


I understand about the struggle of forgiveness, it will haunt everyone of us 'till we pass over, but the reward after, we will all say I would go through 1000 times the struggle just to get here.


It's an honour to be with open minded believers and a fresh start I think. I look forward to joining in where I can.


Just gone 11pm here my prayers (will be for you all tonight) and bed, God has a new day for us all tomorrow. I bid you all a goodnight.



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Welcome to the forum, Bryan.


I really like that you see Christianity as but one path of many. All to often following Jesus is portrayed as the one and only rule book to follow which is a major impediment for many who haven't grown up within such a culture. To recognise that following Jesus is but one way, allows us to embrace others for the sake of love and not for the sake of needing to convert them or even protect others from them.


I'm sure you will enjoy it here and look forward to your participation.




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Hello Paul,


Another great welcome,


I completely agree, those looking in from the outside only see what I refer to as the garden wall or the church systems elitist attitude, too many take a peek over the wall and think that's not for me. And I believe everytime that happens it saddens God, all we can do is explain to them that's not they way it has to be, Gods love is far greater than any type of belief system, I always tell people who question what I believe going by the church standards, the disciples never received any money for the work they did.


God is Good


Stay well and safe,



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Bryan I like the way you flow with your being. I just read somewhere this saying.


One does not become Christian by sitting in church just like one does not become a car by sitting in the garage. May the consciousness of Christ continue to guide you.

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