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Good afternoon, My name is Elisabeth, I live in New Brunswick Canada since 2005, after I emigrated from the Netherlands. For 15 years I have been practicing classical homeopathy and holistic nutrition. When I look back at my practice and patients over the years I started to realize there is another layer of healing, one that if being untouched will always stand in the way of becoming "whole". This is our spiritual layer, we all have some loss in knowing who we really are and where we come from. Because of this I started to re examine the bible, for years I have had all these questions and turned away from church as it only gave me more questions. I was lucky to find the Houlton Unitarian church, A church with totally different people, encouraging everyone to find him or hers own spiritual path. when rev. Dave Hutchinson handed me a book by bishop Spong I knew I would find my answers as he was so clear about how Christianity emerged out of Judaism and that most people have a totally wrong interpretation of what the bible says and how its words were violated and changed. Now I am studying bishop Spong's books, kabbalah and spirituality & world religions, It seems everything falls into place and I understand so much more about religion and its origins. It also makes me wonder how it is possible this day and age so many people are stuck in a religion that seems totally stuck in it's own dogma's and doctrine's. I believe the important thing is to realize we all come from a place of love and only love will survive, light will always be brighter from a place of darkness so to emerge out of the dark into the light is the most effective transformation.

I am looking forward to read and re-act on topics that come up. may the light be with you all, Elisabeth

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Elisabeth, Welcome and thanks for an interesting introduction. Ghandhi says, "There are no religions in heaven." I agree with you that true believers believe in all religions. Look forward to your post.

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Welcome to the forum, Elizabeth.


Spong will go down in history as one of the most influential Christians ever. He has helped me and many others reconsider the bible and look at it in a way that makes much more sense than the so called 'traditional' view.




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Welcome to the forum Elizabeth. It is easy to get stuck in a religion when one is brainwashed on a regular basis as a child with peer pressure from others who have also been subjected to the same teachings and circular logic.


It seems to me the the 'roadblock' holding so many in bondage is the traditional view of the Bible that has been presented to many from childhood. Accepting it as the absolute and literal "Word of God" seems to me to present one with a position that makes it most difficult to start a meaningful journey to freedom. I'm am joyed that Bishop Spong was able to contribute to your eye-opening search for a more meaningful journey.


Again Welcome,


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Hi Elizabeth


Welcome! Like you, I have also found encouragement in the Unitarian church, and in the writings of Bishop Spong. I heard him speak once, many years ago, and can still remember the way he held my attention.


Hope to hear more from you



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