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Should Christians Be Vegans?


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Elisabeth, welcome and you expressed that very well, thank you.


Paul, The mind is always busy think thoughts or thinking about not thinking. You are right meditation teaches one to watch those thoughts without attachment or reaction. You close you eyes and thoughts (ducks) start flying accross your mind. Many times the mind goes with that thought and expands on it, but with practice one learns to just let the ducks fly and leave, but if the mind attaches itself to the thought it stays around, which is Okay. It has helped my a lot.

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You're right Elizabeth concerning some people actually not having the choice to be vegan. Amazingly enough we could grow enough grain and cereals in North America's land mass alone to feed the entire world! Alas, the world just doesn't work that way currently.


Our disconnect with meat and the animals killed for our consumption cannot be overstated. Add this to our increased affluence and the average American eats about 200lbs of meat per year, which is about 40% more than the 138lbs consumed per person in 1950. Also, US consumption is about 3 times that of the average world citizen.


With industrial agriculture being the single largest industry contributing to climate change (even worse than transport and all the vehicle emissions in the world) it's only a matter of time before we seen the environmental silliness in growing meat instead of plants.post-27177-0-76393400-1405829943_thumb.jpg

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