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Tiger Lily

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Hi everyone! I've been looking for a Christian forum that doesn't bash liberals and just found this one. I've tried a couple other Christian boards, but they seem to be full of evangelicals and I've been a little afraid to post some of my thoughts. I've asked a couple of questions on one board and was slammed with Bible quotes from other members instead of a real discussion.


A little about me: I was not raised in a Christian household. I haven't been religious for most of my life, but during the past couple years I've been searching for "something." I've tried Universalist Unitarian, Buddhism, Judaism, and even tried Wicca briefly, but none of these felt right for me. I finally decided to look into Christianity, which I had been avoiding.


When I actually started reading the Gospels, I was struck by the story of Jesus and his words, though, honestly, I still wonder about the authenticity of some of it (is that bad?). But it doesn't really matter to me. They are amazing words to live by and learn from, and so I started a search for a Christian denomination. After much research, I decided to visit an Episcopal church because of the openness and diversity associated with it.


I found a beautiful Episcopal church last year and was just baptized there this year. I love this church. The clergy is progressive and the majority of the congregation leans to the center/left of center. I love the combination of ceremony and forward-thinking sermons. I go to the Rite II mass almost every Sunday and always come out feeling good.

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Welcome Tiger Lily,


I'm very happy you have found this forum and I think you will really enjoy it. From what I've experienced, a lot of members here hold similar views to what your developing - i.e. the bible and the story of Jesus can be enriching and of value, but there is quite likely much lost in translation, interpretation, and some of it is even very doubtful concerning authenticity. I don't think it is 'bad' at all to question the authenticity of some of Jesus' words, in fact I think it is our responsibility to question some of these, particularly when there is so much evidence to suggest they don't seem authentic. In any event, they were written thousands of years ago and so even if they are all word for word genuine, it still doesn't mean they are right for today in their entirety.


I hope you enjoy it here and I look forward to your participation and discussion.




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Welcome to the community Tiger Lily,


I think your thoughts are quite normal for one who is not prone to blind acceptance and i am happy that you have found an acceptable Christian church. (at least for this point in your journey) it seems to me that 'truth' is not something that is passed on by mere words but rather brought to light by self discovery. Words themselves point in many directions but truth becomes self-evident as the false is exposed..


Love and Peace,


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Tiger Lily,

I have just joined this forum today and immediately saw your post. Many similarities struck me. I am actually a "back-slidden" Baptist from childhood, but after decades of agnosticism, found the Episcopal Church about six months ago. The congregation is progressive and compassionate. It is nice to worship in a setting that doesn't get hung up on spiritual inerrancy but focuses on spiritual growth.

Best wishes to you in your own journey.


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Tiger Lilly I a happy you have found company along your spiritual path. It seems we are being guided and we just need to listen and take down the barriors that keep out the light.

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Welcome Tiger Lilly


It's great that you could go to the words of Jesus (authentic or not) in spite of experiences of bible-bashing, and find value within them.


Hope to hear more from you




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