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The Christian Predicament


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I wonder if anyone can help me. I am looking for a Christian site or forum that discusses issues to do with energy and environmental limitations. I have written an essay entitled A Christian Predicament: Reflections on the Hebrew Bible Prophets. A summary is provided below; the full essay can be downloaded from www.stb07.com/downloads/Christian-Predicament-1.2.pdf. I am looking to publish this essay and to enter into discussions on energy issues.




In the 7th century B.C. the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel foretold the doom of the city of Jerusalem whose fate was to be conquered by the great military powers of the time. In our time our predicament comes from the three E’s: Energy, Environment and Economics. This essay looks at just one of these — Energy — in the context of what these ancient prophets taught.


A reading of the prophecies leads to three observations.


1. The prophets were not fortune-tellers; they did not try to predict exact events or times and dates. Instead they merely noted what was going on around them.

2. Their prophecies were not revelations; the events of their times were well known to all.

3. Nevertheless, no one listened to them.


In our times these comments can be translated as follows.


1. Those of us who make “prophecies” about the three E’s are not making specific predictions as to what will happen. We are not fortune-tellers.

2. Information to do with our energy predicament is known to many, and can easily be found with just a few hours of research on the Internet. Specifically, the era of cheap oil is behind us and an era of declining oil supplies is upon us.

3. Most of us are blithely ignoring the predicament.


We haven’t changed much in the last 2,700 years.


Although the implications of our energy crisis can be scary this predicament does present an opportunity for the Christian church — particularly those churches that are organized around the parish structure. As the global economy shrinks and more activities become local, so the opportunity for community development open up — and parish churches are ideally positioned to fill that role.




Thanks in anticipation for your help.

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Do you want it related to Chrisianity if not Quantum Physics is my new interest and it is about energy? Energy

Everywhere energy is found, built up in layers one inside another with the subtlest energy in the innermost stratum accessed by the soul. As our knowledge of Christian mysticism increases we gain access to the inner consciousness of the soul and grow in the understanding of life’s energies. Knowledge of the finer layers of consciousness makes the world more comprehensive and our minds more creative, peaceful and loving so we become better Christians.


We see, hear, taste, smell and feel gross energy, but at the same time we can experience subtle energy. There is a limit to our senses and this boundary marks the experience of gross life because the subtle energy fields are out of our ordinary range of experience. Technology has shown us that there are subtle levels in our world, which we are not aware of because our senses are limited to the gross strata only. In order to experience the finer energies of life, it is necessary to improve our sense of being by aligning with the soul.


The air is loaded with energy from lightening to the Aurora Borealis, and water is charged with electrical, chemical and mechanical energy. The energy in water as ice has the force to break granite into pebbles. Atoms also have energy and we are a combination of atoms, energy and life. A combination of millions of energies separated and disconnected until we unite them in our life. Acting in harmony we educate, train and marshal our forces into a purpose and stop the meandering nature. This empowerment is the aligning of our minds with the energy of the soul giving direction to a rudderless ship at the mercy of the sea. No longer drifting aimlessly with the wind, we cultivate our energy to its highest degree of application to improve the faculty of our experience. Christ walked on the water transcending gross creation, not floating on a tide of circumstances. He experienced the highest, most vibrant stratum of energy sitting at the right hand of the Father in a state of pure Being, the Supreme Being.


Christian mysticism systemizes Christ’s spiritual journey to produce good results, good health and good habits. It focuses our minds into a laser promoting and facilitating the nervous and circulatory systems to invigorate our bodies and minds. It is a way the soul conserves and channels energy that is lost in drifting habits. This is a kind of healing, an adaptation, absorption and practice of spiritual knowledge to align our minds with our soul. Currents that produce anger, divisive thoughts and destructive actions become apparent, and the energy currents that produce love, healing thoughts and constructive actions bring our attention to the field of the soul where understanding the impersonal nature of energy and the interconnected dynamics of everything beyond the senses is beneficial to life. In this state of being we learn to love without restriction and accept without judgment because we are not on the level of thinking, which is our well-versed, experienced, relative existence. Identifying with the consciousness of the soul we slowly learn about the energy of life, the value of creativity, healing and love. Releasing negativity, disharmony and violence Christian mysticism shows us the way to serve the power of the soul by increasing our knowledge of the finer strata of existence so we can align with it. It is a journey through the layers of the mind leading to the perception of Christ consciousness.

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