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Hey I third it!!!

Great idea. I think it shouldn't be limited to "hybrids" though. Something like "Other religious traditions from a Prog. Christian standpoint. Could include hybrids or anything else.




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Other Wisdom Traditions-- and Our Own.


Maybe not succinct enough but it will help someone else come up with something?

Anyway it would be broad enough to include just about all traditions and not necessarily be limited to hybrids.



Another new area I'd like to see would be an off topic area. I've found that these get most out of hand the fastest. OTOH, I think this is a mature group, and I think we could carry over our Christianity while not necessarily discussing it. I've seen some of us have other common interests, animals for instance.

As for a name for that, it could be just Off Topic or you can get kind of cute. One of the groups call this Zo's Bar and Grill. :-)



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On the buddhism board I frequent, there is a section called "Other Religions and Philosophies" which was probably envisioned as a place where the sorts of discussions we're hoping to have on this "hybrid" forum would take place.


Unfortunately, a lot of the time what you find there are people who are angry at Fundamentalist Christians and view it as a place for trashing Christianity :(


So, I think it would probably help to use something descriptive in the name that would speak to the purpose of the forum in question, so that it doesn't invite "we're better than x, y or z" sorts of topics... not that anyone here now has an interest in such topics, but one never knows how things will go in the future.


How about something like "Shared Wisdom - A Home for Interfaith Discussions" ?

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