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The End Of Judaism

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We now must ask the question: Was Judaism ever a legitimate religion of God when no rabbis today know the true origin of the word "Torah"?

I have found a most amazing fact after questioning every rabbi and every Jewish believer in Judaism I could find on the internet and in religious forums: Not a single rabbi knows the historical origin of the word "Torah". Not a one. They all know what the religion of Judaism teaches Jews to know about the origin of the word "Torah" which is supposedly derived from the Hebrew word "omer" meaning "to point" that came to mean "to teach", "omer" morphing into "morah" which became "Torah". Another Hebrew origin gives Torah as an anagram for the first five Books of Moses. Well, this is just so much religious propaganda of the very same sort of circular argument that Evangelical Christians use to authenticate the existence of the historical Jesus Christ by pointing to the New Testament Gospel accounts as "proof".


The historical fact is the word "Torah" comes from ancient Egypt's Taurowet goddess theology. When priests of Judah were creating their earthly Torah between 700 and 300 B.C. they knew the ancient priests of Egypt were no longer around in power to protest the Hebrew borrowing without attribution Egypt's Taurowet religious conception as Egypt by then under the rule of Alexander's empire. Nobody was looking at Taurowet any longer, this quite bizarre in the Egyptian style Nile River Goddess, river horse/lion/human creature who represented a Mother's fierce protection of her special Child, as no Egyptian messed with a mother hippo. Taurowet was the ancient world's only pregnant goddess. The word "torus" comes from her protruding belly, the convex form of it applied to architectural foundations of pillars.


As major Egyptian gods had their corresponding Celestial constellation counterparts, Taurowet's was the largest in the Egyptian Zodiac. There, because her constellation never dipped below the horizon as others did during the year, and the Horizon of Horus being quite important in Egyptian religion, Taurowet's size and stability came to represent Divine Order of Creation. And this is the true origin of Judaism's earthly Torah. "Tarot" system which retains the astrological symbolism is also derived from Taurowet "Order".


Here's how God led me to find the lost Celestial Torah informaion. When my mother died we children learned again our grandmother's maiden name in some documents that came to light. The name was so Jewish looking I hired a rabbi specializing in tracing Jewish ancestry to find out our mother's and her mother's genealogy. The rabbi traced the "German" family name back to immigrants from Spain coming into Germany some time after the Jews were kicked out of Spain. The name is derived from the Spanish town of Museros which if you do a translation of meaning of comes up with no particular meaning. However, adding the fact that Spain was ruled by Arabic speaking Moors for over a 1000 years where Moses becomes Musa, and then adding the Spanish "eros" or "men of" produces Museros as a town of "men of Moses". Since the Spanish link was inconclusive though I had my dna analysed which showed Ashkenazim ancestry from all over Europe and Sephardic heredity too. So I believe "Men of Moses" might apply to my ancestors home in Spain.


Arabic and not Hebrew is closer to ancient Aramaic and ancient Egyptian. Musa, meaning "drawn out of water" shows the linguistic connection to Egyptian "mu" water and the hieroglyph for water showing the astrological connection as it is the exact same Sign of Aquarius that we use today. Well, "Torah" in Arabic is "Tauret" showing the Taurowet connection plainly.


The Egyptian god Set plays an important role in Egyptian Taurowet theology as the constellation of Taurowet sits right beside the constellation we know as Draco which the Egyptians knew as a celestial crocodile. Draco was Set's celestial representative and to Egyptians the relationship between Set and Taurowet was so close as to be intimate. The dual ideas of a mother's protection of her child and a Dragon's guarding its treasure are the root of Judaism's "a fence around the Torah" idea. That Set was a devilish god was well known even to Egyptians. Only pharaohs could handle Set energy. In Genesis II, Seth becomes the actual father of the Hebrew line when Cain and Abel are removed from the scene. "Seth" is a cognate of Set. I believe Jesus refers to this in the Gospel of John when he accuses Jews of having the devil and a murderer as their father. Of all the ancient gods, Set was the best known as a murdering god. "Satan" comes from a cognate "Setan" of Set.


How ancient Hebrews learned about Set and Taurowet and other Egyptian religious ideas including Ahkenaton's monotheism occurred when ancient Israelites as part of the failed Hyksos invasion and takeover of Egypt were driven back to Canaan where later they mixed with exiled Ahkenaton monotheistic priests to change the One God from Egypt's Ra to Canaan's EL. This historical melding was presented in Judaism as the Sinai Covenant, the Moon God's worship site as Judaism follows the Moon calendar system as does Islam while Egypt followed the Sun calendar as does Christianity. Moon-Sun-Saturn = Isis-RA-EL, becomes "Israel" as Judaism is all about the capture of pagan gods and religious ideas remade into Judaism's major heroes.


Later on in another posting, I will get more into the capture of pagan gods like the Brahmin ones incorporated into the foundation of Judaism, Brahma, Sarasvati, Ghaggar, remade into Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. Brahmin religious ideas learned by Hebrews interacting with Brahmin merchants trading in frankencense, myrrh, and other necessary incenses and spices for Near Eastern royalty and priesthoods and general populations. Yemen was the center of this Brahmin trade and "Sheba" actually stands for the 7th Realm of Shiva which is where Hebrew "Shabbat" the 7th Day is also derived.


With this exposure of the origin of Judaism's main doctrine as Egyptian in origin added to the already established historical dating of Hebrews to the 7th Century B.C. and no earlier meaning all the Torah/Tanakh stories of earlier "Hebrews" were concocted for other than spiritual truth, the question must be asked, is Judaism really a religion of God? Or was it always a Wizard of Oz piece of religious mumbo-jumbo showmanship?


I believe Judaism is a dead religion when Jews can't defend the Hebrew origin of their own religion's basic doctrine because they were never told where it really came from. The ancient priests of Judah could not compete for religious authority with ancient astrologers like the Magi, so instead of using the universal astrological systems in place in the ancient world, they wrote their own religious authority in the Word of God scrolls and books. They couldn't control the stars and planets and seasons but they could control what they wrote themselves. But what they wrote could never be spiritually authentic as it was based in historical fraud, the ripoff of Egyptian Taurowet theology remade into Judaism's Torah doctrine.


The proof of this inauthenticity is found in the fact that Judaism's earthly torah did not recognize the Celestial Torah's true Messiah as being a Christ, a Sage King, and not a David, a Warrior King. God began the spiritual correction of Judaism 2000 years ago and now with the recovery of the lost Celestial Torah information believers in God will not have to suffer the End Times of rabbinical Judaism as the beginning of the End Times of all Abrahamic religions based on religious fraud. The reaction of Jews to this historical information damning Judaism is to be expected: anger and then denial and carrying on as before. But really, can we now?

Here is the link to the full Celestial Torah story: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Alias Waterbear, Sonoman, and Stephen among other usernames you have used here and on other sites. You have been banned more than once from this site and continue to return with a new alias. This forum has nothing to offer you nor in my judgement does your behavior and words have anything constructive to offer members here. Your post above has been struck through and your referenced link deleted.


JosephM (as Admin)

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