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Going From The Right To The Left

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Hi everyone,


It's great to be here! I am 31 y/o woman and live in the Southern USA. I grew up mainly Southern Baptist and that's where my mindset has been for years. Since my divorce a few years ago, I have been living with my parents in the community where I grew up. I am realizing how little my beliefs line up with those around me. I am searching for a place to believe in God without the highly conservative fundamentalism. I am hoping to find a church in my community where I can worship. This progressive Christianity idea is totally new to me and I am very excited about it.





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Welcome SouthernWonder,


Indeed, to move away from the shackles of conservative fundamentalism can be very exciting!


I hope you enjoy participating here and find lots of useful information.




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Hi SouthernWonder




I hope you find a church you feel comfortable with, and enjoy hanging out here too. I know it can be lonely in the midst of others with different mindsets.




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Annie, you're right - It can definitely get lonely. I recently watched a very fundamentalist film with a friend in the movie theatre. It was completely appalling to me. We walked out of the theatre and she said, "That movie was awesome!" Everyone I know that has seen it has said so.


I am going to try out the local Episcopalian church, perhaps this weekend.

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