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Hello! I recently left Christian Forums in hopes of finding something with more progressive like-minded christians. I'm excited to have found that place and hope to feel more at home here.


A little more about me: I'm a 21-year-old biology student, egalitarian, liberaltarian,and a member of the United Methodist church (the church I grew up going to.)


I have a really hard time dealing with some of the bigotry, sexism, and just scientifically flawed information that persists in the church and religious culture. It's really upsetting to me and a major turn off to non-christians (IMO.) More specifically: rubbish like the anti-science conservative Christians that completely slam gap theory and theistic evolution despite not being able to even explain what it is. <_< Also the sexism... ugh it just makes me cringe.


I don't like to come across as a super progressive extremist that just want to recreate everything (how many other Christians perceive us) and really hope to confront that problem, as well. I just like to avoid being a mindless follower of the complete nonsense some Christians internalize. CF was just really, really frustrating when I'd get some guy arguing as to why "God wants women to be stay at home moms to as many kids as they can possibly have" because apparently "condoms ruin relationships, reject Gods children, and leave couples destined for hell." :rolleyes: OH MY! I'm a very mild person, yet I was so infuriated over some of those threads. Lets pray that they're forum trolls. :D


All of that aside, it's nice to be here and I'm excited to have some more substantial discussions without the looney toons. :)

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Thanks for the introduction and welcome to the community.


At the least i hope, from your presence here, you find a peace and an easier time dealing with those of different persuasions. While i believe from your post you will find much more agreement with the views shared here, i think, at least in my view of things, it is important that we learn to be more compassionate and forgiving of those who to us seem to oppose themselves through an ignorance that perhaps would also have overtaken us if we were born in their shoes with an identical genetic make-up and propensities for such things. Myself, i have indulged in much ignorance in this life and from forgiving others i have in essence, forgiven. myself.and found much peace.


Again welcome and feel free to share your thoughts,


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Higherlove welcome and feel free to post. You have a great start. I encounter your problem, but I kind of like the game. I still throw the ball, but I remind myself to not throw the ball to far of a lead only far enough so they can run under it. When they throw the ball back I also learn about myself and how I react. I have been kicked off and band from many forums, but that is part of the game. We will read with enthusiasm your post. Thanks

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