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Glad To Be Here!


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I'm am thankful this place exists!


I am here in the hopes of growing spiritually through participating in a like-minded community.


A bit of background about myself, I was raised as Christian but found as I got older that as a rational and decent human being, I could not accept my original faith system. I became pretty much an agnostic for a while, until my girlfriend was introduced to a Christian group and started learning from them. After some time, she became a Christian. We decided to get married, even though she was a Christian and I was agnostic (for me this was never an issue, but for her rightfully she should not be "unequally yoked"). I quietly would attend church meetings and gathering with friends, and only tell them I was still a "seeker" if they asked about my faith. I saw the positive and meaning Christianity brought to their lives, and so thinking I must have missed something, I decided to try suspending my critical thinking and accept Jesus. Frankly, upon accepting Christianity again, it did feel spiritually powerful, and also improved the relationship with my wife because we were on the same page spiritually. This lasted a few months, but as I began to read more from both the Bible and other books, I began to question many aspects of traditional Christianity until I could no longer bring myself to believe in a God that punishes with hell, a Jesus who had to die to pay for our sins, or a bible that is so contradictory yet inerrant (I could go more into these but I think most of you here would already understand).


I grew out of traditional Christianity, but I was greatful for the experince as it renewed my faith in God. I began drawing inspiration Christian Diesm (which could be considered another form of progressive Christianity) and SBNR until I came across Bishop John Shelby Spong, who really struck a chord with me. I also found the Springfield Community Christian Church, which posts excellent sermons each week on their YouTube channel. I am very glad to have discovered such ideological and spiritual leadership.


I still also find value in attending church and learning from tradition Christianity, however really long for deeper truth. I can't really discuss my beliefs with my wife, family, or friends and so I am really looking forward to being part of this community.

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Karl, I like your post and the fact that you are swimming in deep water. You are diving deeper and deeper and many around you are slowly being drawn to the deep end. I am glad you came here to share your spiritual treasure.

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