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Main Page - Resources Links Run Below Browser Page


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Re: http://progressivechristianity.org Main Page, Menu Bar, Resources tab.




When viewing the main page in full-screen mode (and smaller), the menu options assigned under the Resources tab run below the height of the browser window -- even when viewed on a 1920x1080 screen.




Only a handful of links should be present in the first-level of a drop-down menu. Additional links can be added elsewhere... in this case, the Resources links are so extensive I would recommend placing them on a single Resource page.



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I agree and have made a few suggestions myself concerning the layout of the organizations main page, Even the discussion board ( this forum) is more difficult to find from that main page than it was in the past. Suggestions for improvements can be made by contacting the organization directly as my responsibility is limited to this discussion board forum. It used to be more simple to navigate but it was redesigned a few years ago to include much more but in doing so i found it, in my view, to become more difficult to navigate.



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The current state of the site is a definite reflection of the professionalism of the organization.


Should I stay long enough to become a benefactor I will voice more opinions, but until that time, if I remain, I will remain silent about such things.




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