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Book I Just Read....

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I just read a book that came out some time ago called "Thank God for Evolution" by Michael Dowd. Pretty interesting read. I'm guessing many people have probably read it around here. My question is this: Does this book accurately depict Progressive Christianity? I haven't been PC for very long and picked this book up by chance. One of the reasons the book appealed to me is because I'm so interested in evolution. Yes, I'm an admirer of Richard Dawkins, though I'm not an Atheist. :) I thought the book was pretty profound, but it smacked of Pantheism. Is that really what PC is? Perhaps Panentheism?

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My brother gave me the book and it was autographed by the author but i have only scimmed through it so far. To me, PC is neither of the labels you mention even though a PC might associate him/her self with either label. I don't think you can accurately define a PC by any particular label although there is a propensity for many to try and sometimes possibly a good fit for for a particular person or time in ones journey. In my opinion, PC is progressive and no one is to say when or what you must believe other than to subscribe in general to the 8 points which to many are purposely left vague or abstract



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