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My name is Patrick Collins. I am new to this site and the forums. However, I am not new to the Progressive Christian movement. I am currently a seminary student enrolled in the Journey program at the Iliff School of Theology and I am taking a class on Media, Religion, and Culture from Dr. Jeffrey Mahan. I have been tasked with picking, following, and interacting with a website for the course and then reporting on my activities at a later date. I have not spent much time on this site and I am looking forward to interacting with users and community here during my class and, hopefully beyond. If anyone has any helpful tips on how to get involved or most fruitful areas of the site I am all ears.

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Welcome Patrick,


I look forward to being part of your university project!


There is a huge archive of posts and discussions you could read through, and/or freely participate in any of the posts raised on a daily basis.


As a member, when I log on I go straight to 'View New Content' (top r/h corner) and see what topics have been started or continued, and then interact with others here.


I hope you find your time here beneficial as well as appropriate to your educative needs.




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Hi Patrick, it's a pleasure to meet you.


Do you have experience in online communities, either closed to paying members only those that are freely open to the public?


Your course sounds interesting and worthwhile, and I will certainly make an effort to contribute.



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