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Bible Partially Forged?

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Do you subscribe to biblical consistency and truthfulness or do you think it has been tampered with?


The way I see it, the New Testament inductions of the law's outdatedness seem to demand that the Law itself was not in the will of God ever, ie that the early Israelites must have thought wrongly about God and may have manipulated the writings to gain credence. But I'm not sure how far this applies to the prophets. But also the NT seems tampered with, take for example the parable of the servants and the talents. I am pretty sure it refers to the economic situation on the world, that only those who use their money to increase it, are rewarded by the prince of the world. But the bible makes it seem as if Jesus is the harsh Lord who hadn't sown what he is reaping, yet this is completely out of touch with the doctrine of thankfulness after which we all owe everything to God.


What do you think?

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For what it is worth ... here is my point of view.


A disclaimer first, my point of view is from a fairly devout agnostic point of view. I can't really call myself a Christian in any traditional sense of the word, and I don't think I fit into a progressive Christian definition, but I suspect many of my thoughts do overlap.


I think that the many versions and and interpretations of the Bible have stopped (to some extent) evolving (being tampered with or partially forged) after the James VI version came into being. Sure we have had refinements and perhaps supposedly more accurate translations and hence more refined interpretations. But the whole thing has been concretized into dogma for many people. There is a broad general concensus that there is some definitive version/interpretation that should be adhered to.


So hats off to progressive Christians who enrich the Bible (or more accurately their lives) by encorporating other traditions and our most accurate understanding of the way the universe ticks to evolve Christianity further. That some would express this as watering down of Christianity to me seems strange.


My two cents.

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Do you subscribe to biblical consistency and truthfulness or do you think it has been tampered with?


I don't think it is possible for it NOT to have been tampered with. Human nature and all...



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