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Another Genesis (God As A Woman)


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On the weekend I had the idea of writing another Genesis account that might be more passable than the bible's Genesis. Here's what I came up with, please tell me what you think of it. It's the first chapter only, if you like it I can post the other chapters.


Chapter A - The Creation of life


and the days were long
the heavens were lonely
god was alone
in a shell of god and sky
and she knew, she knew
she knew, and she knew
and she knew
what was to be known
she said, I know
and I have to know
and I will know
and that was all what was known
she said, I will feel pain
she said, pain is like a sun
she said, I will shine
she said, light is like knowing
and so the darkness passed
and she knew, she knew
and she knew..

the light smiled
she knew, light is always smiling
and she smiled, because she knew
she knew it well
nobody noticed anything
they were all asleep
like the future, like the past
only she knew she was there
she never slept, she always knew...

but the earth dreamt
and she knew her dream
the little daughter dreamt much
she always knew, the light smiled everyday
she had been born like a dream
she smiled in the dream
and she had known how the light came
smiling at god in her shell, and at the earth
she breathed out, the daughter breathed in
and they breathed together, and they knew...

and she knew about feelings
how the light needed a daughter too
or it would not smile everyday like it should
so she smiled like light
and stood on the earth
and she was light, and that was the water
the earth knew something, and took the water
they all knew, and she knew best
the darkness looked and hid at the bottom of the water
and sat herself beyond the earth
where the light played alone, to travel the spaces
that god had known alone
to know more...

the earth knew the light was shining
it fell on sands and rocks
fell on water, to gather god's smile
and carry it around
and god, she knew a need
the earth had breath
and she put the water in the breath
the light went away to think
the sun knew not what was happening
but the earth knew, because it was remembering every breath always
to breathe more, with god
and the water fell from the breath
the earth knew, and knew
and drank, and spilled her breath
there were seas and rivers now
and everything knew about god
and how lonely she was no more
but she had to blink, and the angels woke up
and saw a tear on her face
she whispered, I have come
they knew something
she had been there...

and the rivers ran away, and the breath ran away
and the light stood still, while the earth dreamt something
until it can smile, until it can smile again
and the water flew, it flew without end
she blinked again and the earth shook
once, twice, many times
and the rocks broke
and fell into the water
and the breath drummed onto the water
and the rocks fell on other rocks
there were clouds of dust
she knew something else
and sent the light into the spaces beyond
where other light was dwelling
and searching water, and searching the breaths full of water
for the wonder that only god knew
the angels whispered, she had come again
because light came from the spaces
led by the light of the sun
and the angels of the earth and of the heavens knew more
they knew about stars...

and they climbed down to earth, and looked
in the winds they climbed down, breathing with earth and god
collecting water and dust and little stones and sand
and she sighed, and she knew, that is my sigh
"my chest is heaving, she said, my chest is heaving
and i know", and god had always known
and the angels looked up and saw a little boy
it had hid somewhere in a cloud
and they counted the stars in the skies, the stars next to the little boy
and they saw the little boy was beautiful
and the angels knew something, they needed to dance
and the earth breathed with them, and god breathed
and when they danced, the earth broke up
the angels whispered, and were afraid, and fled
but some were slain by the breaking earth
out of which red light broke, and red warmth
and the angels cried, this is like god
she is smiling more, she is smiling more
and god knew, and she carried all angels to heaven...

and the souls of the slain angels went with them
their bodies slipping into the earth
with some red light and warmth, with some dust, with some water
god said to her angels, give them dreams
give them dreams without measure, give them all the dreams we have
and also the light smiled, because this was other water
and the breath smiled, because that was other gods to breathe with
and the earth smiled, because that was another child
and god said, i know this is life...

and the little life felt all the dreams, all the god and all the angels and all the earth
and all the water in it wanted to go to the light, the first dream
(and she smiled much)
and all the breath in it wanted to go through all the earth, the second dream
(and she smiled much)
and all the darkness in it wanted to move through all space, the third dream
(and she smiled a little)
and the little life knew something, it had been dreaming
and it woke up, and it was there...

and god said, i will make it like myself and like the angels
and i will give the angels of myself, and the angels never laughed so much again
when they came, the other angels
smaller, and kinder, and a bit red like the light and heat of the earth
not willing to dance until they had known
but watching the dance of the angels, because they knew something
and in that laughter, the angels found whispers, and they wanted to be alone
and the other angels danced, and god smiled
and she breathed on them all, and the water in them smiled
(because god's breath is like light, and the water in us is in every breath)
and they climbed down to earth, and looked
and the little boy fell over, and fell over, and fell over
and the seas laughed and wept and fell anywhere
the breath and the water smiled and danced the flooding dance
and the other angels carried the little life
and heard the song of the first angels in heaven
so they dropped it everywhere
and god had always known, she had known
and she had known...

and the little life was happy in all over the wet earth
and it floated in the water, at its surface
where the light smiled on it as on the water
where the breaths of earth and god found it every morning...

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