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My name is Fred H., and I am a seeker!


I was raised in a church deigned a cult, and I journeyed through moderate evangelicalism, conservative evangelicalism, pentecostal and charismatic christianity, and even strict fundamentalism before beginning the long road to religious recovery to what I would call a more progressive faith. I even studied the big atheists and agnostics!


I pastored in the United Methodist Church for five years and had been a worship leader for 5+ years before that. After a haitus I look to lead a progressive spiritual community either in the United Methodist Church, or independantly. My wife Amber and I launched a new ministry called Wecreate2gether, which aims to empower people to express the beauty of God through art and entrepreneurship. As part of this ministry, and as a building block to starting a progressive spiritual community, I have begun a blog called Seekers Anonymous. I relish to interact with others who are on a similar journey. So, if you are looking for additional platforms to engage in the topics and issues you find here on ProgressiveChristianity.org, than I'd like to invite you to stop by at:




I'd like to take the time to thank those whom I consider spiritual guides, and who made my spiritual journey the freeing, beautiful thing it almost wasn't. Thank you Brennan Manning, Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, Karen Armstrong, Bart Ehrman, Diana Butler Bass, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Michael Bernard Beckwith and others. And thank you to Eric Elnes for this launch site.


I look forward to meeting and talking with others who are on this journey!

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Welcome Fred,


Your story is not unfamiliar with my own experience and i think also many others here,


Checked out your blog but hoping you will find your stop here and this community a most favorable and already developed platform for you to engage in the topics/discussions that are important and of interest to you in your journey.




PS A few of the people you mention that have been a great help to you and you have thanked in your post, (Borg, Spong, and Armstrong) are part of our leadership and staff here at Progressive Christianity.org/

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