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Been looking for an open-minded Christian discussion site. Go to a very conservative Southern Baptist Church. Been dying for some discussions with open-minded Christians. There has been basically no one I can really talk to and open up to about what I believe save my wife, but she thinks I'm a little nuts (she and I both sharing a strong fundamentalist background). I'm just relieved there is a place such as this and am looking forward to sharing in the community of saints and sinners. Cheers.

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Welcome to the forum JesusRadical.

Many of us here started out in fundamentalist churches. I admit I did. So feel free to talk about what you want on this site and I believe you will get an appreciation for your personal journey.

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Hello JR,


I think most of us here can relate to the feeling you are alone in your doubts, and long to say "what you really think" out loud.


Well, allow me the first to say; feel free to speak your mind! You are among friends.



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