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The True History Behind The Old Testament, Specifically The Law


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Hi there,


do you believe that the OT law was really given by God? I find that it can hardly be reconciled to a God of love and mercy.


I've come to the view that most of it was an invention of the jews by which they wanted to better their society and build a system by which they could stand before God. Some things must have happened in Egypt and Sinai that scared the jews, they probably had locutions and visions and other spiritual experiences that frightened them, and being somewhat harsh and tough in nature they wanted laws and customs that would guarantee a disciplined and devout society.


I don't want to be make this an antisemitic post, I guess most other peoples were equally harsh in their religious doctrines in that time.


To sum things up, I think that God really wrote the 10 commandments for us, they are not harsh and not trying to threaten anyone, there are no threats attached to them unlike to the commandments written down in the mosaic code of laws that was meant to supplement the 10 commandments. In effect the mosaic code is just like those rabbinical rules and regulations meant to protect the mosaic code to be broken. The rabbinical laws protect the mosaic code, and the mosaic code protects the 10 commandments.


Jesus seemed to enjoy picking and choosing what from the law is good and what not. He himself saw it fit to remain under the law, but after fulfilling it and leading it ad absurdum on the cross, the code is now shown to be improper and invalid as well.


Just be honest and good in life and you're fine when it comes to God's commandments. This is the view that I've come to.


What do you think? Also in regards to the other history accounts in the OT... do you see them as true, valid, binding?

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