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On The Difference Between Liberal And Progressive Christianity


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I don't recall seeing this post but Azvanna's response made it pop up on my radar.


I particular like the reference: "To my mind, both progressive and liberal Christianities begin with the realization that it is neither epistemologically nor morally permissible to believe everything standing in our favorite holy book without any kind of reality-check."


I think this is exceptionally important when we are talking about a compilation of 66 books, written by a diverse variety of authors, from a spread of cultures, over a period of 800 years or more, and who's last writings are dated back to about 1800 years ago!

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I like the part of the article that reads:


“…progressive Christians do believe in the reality of a supernatural world, or are at the very least open to it… But they don’t view the Christian faith as fixed, unchangeable, but as constantly evolving as new data come in to correct and improve our beliefs.”


I feel like this is a part of what Christianity should be. A growing living experience, not a fixed, boxed-in - booked-in experience.

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