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Born Again Christians

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I have a question I have friends that are "Born again Christians" When ever we talk they almost all the time hope I find a church to go to I have even had some say not one of the churches that have a female Minister. I question this and they say God doesn't call women to the ministry my answer is how do they know what God says to some one. I often ask them what does it matter what church you go to as long as you live the word of the Lord. Why do they feel this way am I missing something.

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This is a huge question that you are asking. I don't think you are "missing" anything unless you do not understand why they believe what they do. There is a long history of why they feel the way they do say with respect to women not bring in ministry. My mean they believe they do not believe thst a woman should not teach. This comes from a certain interpretation of 1Timothy 2 in which Paul (some think it was not him) says that a woman should not teach in church. I don't believevthis is sexism as that way of looking at gender roles did not exist in peoples minds then. Today those who generally believe this are called "complementarianists" as opposed to "egalitarian it's". The former think men and women are equal in the eyes if God but have specific roles to play in the church and in life. The later of not think that. There are many egalitarian evangelical churches today thankfully. The later question the former as scripture is full of women who were very active in the early church. Alas patriarchy reigned in all the cultures then and now.


It's good that you question this as I think you will find the church that suits your needs and will be filled with holy people.


I do not believe all those who hold a complimentarian view are misogynists. I say not all as I think some are.


There is a very popular writer around Rachel Held Evans who is part of the emergent church. She and or here's like her (Amy Reeder Worley, Becy Garrison, Joan Ball, Sherri Wood Emmons, and others) who are faithful evangelicals and who have very important things to say about this issue and other.


Don't judge those people who you are referring to. Let the Spirit lead you as it appears to be doing and if you try to understand what these people are saying and where they are coming from - and it doesn't make them right - you can make a valid discernment.

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The first thing to understand is that 'born again Christian' encompasses a wide variety of diverse beliefs, that is why there are thousands and thousands of different churches but whom all wear the label of born again.


As Matt points out, some take seriously the verses attributed to Paul which prohibit women teaching in church. For others clearly such verses don't sit straight with a modern society and so they overlook them.


Personally, I'd steer away from any church which says they KNOW how God thinks!

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I don't think that the more egalitarian evangelicals overlook passages do my as take them in context. It all seems to come down to what hermeneutics are applied. The troublesome credits which some reject and use as indictments of Christianity are reinterpreted. They and this is as true for Judaism, see the Bible as a conversation between the Divine and human brings which is ongoing. Got done reason more traditionalists seem to think that scripture can only mean one thing and to no ones surprise that meaning agrees with their own view.


I would hesitate to suggest any advice about what church to find do long you know yourself and what you seek.

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nyh.................I like your thought. Enjoy the presence of God where ever you are. I feel God's presence is with you, you are listening and are being guided. Enjoy the venture and what you encounter.

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