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Ground Of All Being

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I haven't read Spongs reference to it but my familiarity comes from Paul Tillichs use of it. Tillich was a Christisn existentialist philosopher and theologian and made his mark in the 1950s.


I don't know how to attach a link with my iPhone but check out Paul Tillich on Wikipedia for a brief summary of the ideas he put forth. My understand is that is not A being but BEING itself.


The term is popular in Creation Spirituality - NOT creationism. I'm sure the term is more widely varied. It's worth looking at the work of Matthew Fox which Spong is similar to in a slightly different perspective but the focus is the same. Spong is for lack of a better ten "secular" in his thinking and Fox as liberal minded might be turn off for secularists who might be uncomfortable with spirit talk.


Orthodox criticism of Tillich sees the term as being abstract but I don't think do. This same idea is reinforced in early christian spirituality (Gregory of Nysea) but the focus is the authority of the institutional church.

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