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"the Real Christ"


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Bernadette Roberts is a Catholic contemplative who is considered by some to be a living Christian mystic. She has written a number of books related to self/no-self from a Christian perspective, and the spiritual journey in terms of consciousness. I became aware of her work about five years ago and began reading some of her books, which I found fascinating. A few years ago I attended one of her semi-annual retreats which are in my neck of the woods in California. It was called “The Essence of Christian Mysticism”.


Last year she self-published a book called “The Real Christ”, which is still in manuscript form and badly in need of editing! Still I read it and would recommend it to open-minded people, Christians or not. It takes a very different approach from what she refers to as“party-line Christianity” regarding the Incarnation, the Trinity and what she believes “Christ” really means. I won’t go into too much
detail, but I found it refreshing and very informative from a historical point of view, although a bit lengthy and very redundant.


It is a bit pricey ($45) and is only available from the following website: http://bernadettesfriends.blogspot.com/


You can read a summary of the main points of her book there where she amusingly states: “WARNING”. That's a pretty effective marketing tool!





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