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It's True That I Hate Lies


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I noticed a quote from Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptists in the Wikipedia article on the CPC. In 2003 he wrote a commentary on being tolerant of other religions and of sexuality. He summarized his disapproval by labeling this "the basic hatred of biblical truth that drives those on the theological left."


I haven't seen such a drive. I've seen many people searching for integrative truths, often with some understandable confusion. The hatred I see is more often from someone like Mike Huckabee proclaiming that everyone who votes for Obama is going to hell. I don't see that on the left.


This reminds me of those who attack evolution as a great conspiracy to reject God. I've found science to be much more about finding truth than rejecting anything. The Nobel Prize goes to discoverers of truth that stand up to great scrutiny, not some conspiracy.


Yes, John 14:6 is in the Bible, but what did Jesus mean, "No one comes to the Father except through Me"? Is the truth of that just in His flesh, His name, or maybe something that's in other religions, too?


Similarly one can explore sex in the Bible and doubt the claim that God only wants heterosexual virgins to have sex on their wedding night. In early Christianity some thought it good for even married couples to forego sex. Does modern orthodoxy hate that "truth"?


As much as I hate lies, I try to understand liars. Couldn't Albert Mohler resist making it black and white? Why doesn't Jesus lead him the way He leads me? No doubt there are lots of reasons.


Love is about searching for truth, not wallowing in hate. Jesus didn't teach that to me verbatim, but it has been a cooperative effort between the two of us.

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