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New To Site And Bishop Spong


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Hi all,


I am new to this site and look forward to reading both Bishop Spong's essays and posts on the message board.


In a nutshell, I was raised a Protestant, went to college and dropped out of Christianity, got married and through my husband got introduced to various eastern religions, spent 20 years in a fairly new organization called Mahikari where I learned a lot spiritually and began to re-connect with the Bible, and relocated here to North Carolina - where I have joined a wonderful Presbyterian Church.


When I first heard some of Bishop Spong's videos I almost fell over - these were all issues I had never been comfortable with but could not formulate in my mind -- but he crystallized exactly what I had been thinking and offered very logical understanding and solutions. I read the book, "Why Christianity Must Change or Die" and felt great relief and happiness - much of my confusion about my beliefs and conflicts with the Bible were solved.


I strongly believe in God - and especially drawn to the inner God Bishop Spong describes, rather than the old theistic deity. I feel I understand the Bible better and can appreciate it more - and no longer feel the pressure to conform to others' interpretations. It is an affirmation of the God within everyone, and a blueprint of how to live in peace and love on our planet.


Thank you.






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Hi zcarol and welcome,


I hope you find plenty of interesting things here to read, but unfortunately I think Bishop Spong is yet to post here (maybe there's something in an ancient archived post, I'm not sure). You can subscribe to his newsletter and access all of his previous essays from his site http://johnshelbyspong.com/


As I understand it, Spong is affiliated with Progressive Christianity and this web site, but he is no more a player here than any other member chooses to be. I've been here a few years now and am yet to read a post from the good Bishop. I subscribe to his newsletter though and like you, have found a different way to understanding the bible than I was taught within my fundamental, biblical-literalist, Christian upbringing.


Again, welcome and I hope you enjoying learning and participating here.




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Welcome to the community. So glad you are now more comfortable with your beliefs. Most here share your understanding of things and hold Spong in high regard for all he has done through his writings. Again welcome and looking forward to your participation.



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