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Clear Faith By Susan Stover


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I just finished reading "Clear Faith" by Susan Stover and found her book helpful in realizing the freedom we have in our views of the Bible, Jesus, and God.


You can find a summary of Susan's book here: http://www.susanstover.us/summary-of-clear-faith-book/


I felt Susan did a good job in addressing these three hot topics of Christianity from a progressive viewpoint. Her observations and conclusions in many ways mirror my own. But while I found the book strong on deconstruction, I also felt it was a bit weak on reconstruction, on how progressives should or do view the Bible, Jesus, and God. To be honest, though, this is probably due to our independent streak that prevents us from having creeds or statements of faith that tell us exactly what to believe.


Nevertheless, I think her book would be helpful to those coming out of conservative Christianity or who might be interested in a more progressive, liberal view of Christianity that gives people the freedom and encouragement to make up their own minds about these important topics. It is a good primer in the things most important to Christians and Christianity from a progressive point-of-view.

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