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Glad to find a board to discuss a progressive movement of Christianity. I ran in to this board from Bishop Spong's website. I am a God-realized man who has spanned the denominational tree from fundamental Baptist, Methodist, Mormon, and Roman Catholicism. I find myself now unrelated to most organized religion and rather favor an approach to the Creator that appreciates not having to claim the corner market on it all. In my view, all sincere prayers go to the Creator as humankind attempts to work out its relationship with the Divine. Looking forward to establishing meaningful communication with you all.



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Welcome Bob,


Thanks for your introduction and the fine posts you have contributed already. Enjoyed reading your insights.


It seems to me that "organized" religion in general takes that which was meant to be refreshing and encourage life and typically molds it into something that is dead .... and that the original teachers never meant it to be.


Again welcome,


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Welcome, Bob.


I enjoyed your intro and can relate to it on a number of levels. Although I still attend a United Methodist church, I consider myself to be "spiritual but not religious." Christianity is, however, my native tongue. :)


I look forward to your posts and learning more about you and your journey.



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