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Beasts Of The Southern Wild

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Have just finished watching it tonight. I really enjoyed it. I didn't read anything about it first, other than it was about a young girl living with a father who has a temper & who was ill. So I didn't know what to expect and certainly the aurochs threw me a bit, but overall I liked the experience of it.


I liked the simplicity and connectedness of living in such a community, but with the father sometimes being aggressive I couldn't help but think of worse places such as those portrayed in Deliverance, even though there was nothing else in that vein.





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one thing that had me thinking was the name - 'Beasts'


the girl in her narration seems to include people when she uses the word 'animals', and the people in the community did indeed live a kind of desperate, animalistic lifestyle of survival. Also the term 'beasts' could be a reference to how those of us in the 'civilised' world (like the government officials and doctors in the movie) might see these peoples lifestyle.


The father's behaviour was often unpleasant, but his motive seemed to be preparing his child for survival in a harsh world. This reminded me of Brad Pitt's character in the 'tree of life', and this movie is often reminiscent of that one.


yes, the connectedness of the community was one of the most attractive aspects of the film.


just my thoughts!

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Interesting. I was thinking along the lines that they're the beast in you, the animal that eats its own, which you can make bow down before you if you so choose. I guess that's art for ya!

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