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A Superman Fan From Illinois


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I couldn't help myself. I wanted a clever title and after writing an extended 'about me' page in my profile I thought it would be best to introduce myself with an excerpt.


My recent thoughts have been about Superman, a childhood hero. As I thought about him as hero figure recently I began to think about how it was his character - not his superpowers that I'd grown to admire. Then a friend of my posted an article on facebook. The author of the article was writing about how she wrestled with / against a theistic understanding of God. As someone with a B.A. in English I always get excited when I have to look up a word to make sure I understand what someone is saying. She referenced John Shelby Spong's book "Jesus for the Non-Religious." I devoured the book. Found this website and I'm currently working my way through "Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World."


I've been excited to chat with my wife a bit about what I've been reading and after lurking on the forums for a couple days I thought it would be great fun to chat with all of you.

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Welcome to the community and thank you for your so far thoughtful posts. Glad to hear you are enjoying your Spong books and i am looking forward to the sharing of your thoughts and ideas. I especially admire the way (in another post) you handle those of different beliefs and find the way they behave and are motivated more important than their words alone.


Again welcome,


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