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Greetings All .


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My name is Ron , and I look forwards to learning and sharing with your group .


I am a fifty five year old male , from a traditional pioneer prairie farming heritage in Canada .

Our family was raised as nondenominational Christians , as that the remoteness and travel difficulties

of the praire , in the 1960's , limited our options . As a child , growing up on my Grandfathers farm ,

I was safe with whatever my parents and grandparents did .


As that Grandpa needed to retire , the farm was left to older family , and my family and Grandma and

Grandpa moved out to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island , British Colombia . Thus my youth was further enhanced

by seeing and experiencing city living , as to rural lifestyles .


Unfortunately , my father was taken away suddenly in a workplace accident . Mum raised us five kids on her

own for five years . She then meet an Australian living in Canada , and remarried . So we moved to Australia

in 1972 . Another big lifestyle change . This is a truly miraculous planet we live on .


All of my life , I have held onto that boyhood wonderment , of exploring and studying nature outdoors .

I feel a most wonderful connection , and a part of , all of Creation . I feel my heritage , connecting me ,

with all of my family members , our Vertebrate Family and Mammal Family , It is a most wonderful sense

of belonging .


I am a member of our small town congregation here in Australia , and I try to attend interfaith gatherings

whenever there is an opportunity to . Spiritual folks are some of the finest members of our communities .


I hope that these comments are read , with the intention towards building harmony , and peace and

prosperity through unity , that the comments are written .


From my heart , sincerely Ron .



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Welcome Ron,


Your story and life experience is a lovely one. I hope you enjoy participating here and look forward to hearing more of your life experience and how you see things.




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Hi Ron,


Welcome to the community and thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself. That of creation you seem to relate to with wonder and a sense of kinship is a real blessing. may we all come to the realization and knowledge of that connectedness .


In appreciation for your presence,


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