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Red Letter Revolution


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I'm trying to rediscover and re-claim my Christianity and just ordered a copy of Red Letter Revolution by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne. I was raised Catholic, stopped attending mass in my late teens and have been practicing spiritual meditation wtih a inclusive, non-denomination wisdom/mystical path for the past 10 years with the belief that there is only one true God, but many paths. I have never denounced or discredited my Christian roots. I just have not been part of an Christian fellowship since my Catholic church days. I could explain that more, but that would probably be for another discussion thread.


I recently started exploring participating in Christian worship again with a Protestant Evangelical Fellowship. Tony Campolo was a guest speaker/pastor at this morning's service and much of what he had to say about the essense of being and living as a Christian moved me and resonated with me.


Has anyone read Red Letter Revolution or any of his other books and have thoughts to share?

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