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Pink Smoke Protest At The Vatican Calls For Women Priests


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A bird needs two wings to fly. The Catholic Church has shown difficulty flying with one wing. They need to broaden their base to regain the God experience that is beyond the grasp of the mind, gender, and all words. I feel Jesus had the ultimate experience with God's consciousness and his
consciousness was interchangeable with God’s. He is beyond the normal mundane world of time, gender and space and is the living expression of pure consciousness where everyone can find fulfillment. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” He was one with women, men and God's creation that is God in physical form or consciousness. May all creatures be happy.

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Pink smoke protest at the Vatican calls for women priests. Comments?


I do find it hard to believe that in this supposed modern day, the Catholic church does not allow women into the priesthood. I am Anglican and while we have women ministers, the COE recently voted down allowing women to become Bishops! I have to shake my head.


It must be a sign of spiritual maturity, (I'm being hopeful :) ) that I no longer get really angry about this. I haven't changed my mind - I think women should be allowed - but it is not important. I do feel that when we evolve further to understand that we are each one of the other, male and female, and that each gender has remarkable qualities and that we should learn to come from a place of honor, respect and celebration and love, this point will be mute. Some institutions are very hard to change and the patriarchal and mundane aspects of "civilization" are so entrenched.


I like to think of the ancient wise women and the Goddesses of the Greek and Roman mythologies when this topic comes up. And dear Mother Mary, she's probably shaking her head too, but she's too busy taking care of the whole world to let it bother her. LOL!


When we can put down our fear and live from a place of non-fear and non-attachment, wondrous things we can hardly dream of now will be commonplace.



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If members of the Catholic Church want their Church to change, they have to do something about it. If they are happy for the status quo to persist, then it will. I'm not a Catholic so it's none of my business what sort of a Church they want, but if I was a Catholic I would like to see women priests allowed.

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If members of the Catholic Church want their Church to change, they have to do something about it. If they are happy for the status quo to persist, then it will.


It's not so easy. Most outspoken Catholics are traditionalists and fundies, which are strongly opposed every change. There are people who care about changes, but history taught them to better be silent, publish a book from time to time and just hope someone will notice it before they die. When it comes to theologians it's not that scary, but when you are a nun, priest or monk Vatican can hit you HARD when you are calling for even lite reforms, you will just get muted, literally.


We have a priest in Poland, Adam Boniecki, few years ago he was acting friendly towards an atheist "satanist" (Adam Darski, you can wiki him). So priest was like "oh, he is not a satanist, just an atheist, acting like that to enrage fundies", he went on Darski's book premiere and took a photo with him, standing next to each others, smiling... Next day fundies found the photo and ###### hit the fan. From "excommunicate him" to "jail him", i kid you not. Obviously they hated his kind and liberal attitude towards people, were criticizing him for years and now they had this "satanic proof", so few bishops quickly wrote a letter to Boniecki's Prior and bam, he got ban for public speakings, ban for writing, ban for tv. Imagine being a writer and director of catholic press for whole your life and suddenly you can't do ######... for being kind to a non-christian :lol: That's how rigid fundie catholicism can be, and unfortunately now most church hierarchy is like that. They still want to "cure homosexuality" and jail doctors who do abortions for murder.



Recently I stumble across this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_2011 , http://www.memorandum-freiheit.de/?page_id=518

240 theologians just from Germany, I think they would collect few thousands worldwide with some proper... commercials lol. Living in a pretty much catholic country and listening to news every day, I never even heard about this "action".


Years ago there was similar thing, and few nuns and monks who were participating were "all over the floor" after Vatican ended with them. I don't think catholicism will change much, closing itself and focusing around fundies is more probable.

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