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Waving Hello From The Annapolis Valley Of Nova Scotia!


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Hello everyone, my name is Amy, I am a married female currently experiencing my 52nd revolution around the sun and I live in...ahem....God's Country (which I'm sure you do, too LOL!) Anyhoo.....loving the life and finding myself drawn ever closer to God. I was raised Anglican, stepped over to the wiccan/pagan side and then the atheist side for a bit, decided those places were fine for some but not for me, and now I'm like the cat, I came back. I go to our church in town when I can (I live in the country) with my elderly parents. I love our young minister who has a young family and I do like our high church services.


I need a lot of practice and work and try to remind myself every day. There are new and wonderful things happening in my life and I believe they all come from my deeper work with God and Jesus' teaching and the Holy Spirit.


I have always been a spiritual being and learned to ask "Why" before I could walk. I'm glad to find this site and look forward to great conversations and some laughs and making new friends.


Go in Peace, Go in Joy, Go in Love.

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Welcome Amy,


Quite a few here have also made the 'rounds' and found their way back to where they started but of course with a different perspective than they had in the past. It seems to me that is what it sometimes takes to get through the chaff to the real meat. May Peace, Joy and Love be a mutual food we can share here.



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Welcome Amy


I admire your enthusiasm and look forward to knowing you better. I've also wandered away -in my case into scorning religiosity- and am now heading back in the general direction I came from (I grew up going to church), although I have what I think are more comfortable shoes on now:)



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Welcome to the growing Nova Scotia contingent


I do take issue with:

I live in...ahem....God's Country


Oh course this is the Kootenays in reality, but please don't tell anyone


your occasional resident agnostic



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