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Greetings From Sacramento, California

Pablo Orozco

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I am pasionate about modernizing religion(s) and I am very impressed and happy to find this movement to take christianity to the next level by incorporating what we have learned in science and history. I think this new road map to change the future direction of Christianity would benefit all and would provide the opportunity to engage the new generations in an exiting, proactive and intelectually estimulating way. The new generations need a venue to keep changing, learning, improving and eliminate unnessesary divisions and descriminations, that lead us to fight wars, dislike each other. We are all in this together and the new message to be holistic, inclusive will resonate with many and will provide the new fuel and energy that Chistianity needs to grow. God bless the people that think out oif the box and are progressive about Christianity..

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I like your passion and ideaology to modernize religion. In my mind it seems our intuition guides us in an ordered evolution to pure consciousness. From the beginning of evolution to the end, life is moved, led, strengthened, enlightened, and elevated by the consciousness of the Whole. With me God acted on the medium of reason, later on in my evolution God moved intuition in a more direct and intimate fashion, but whether I am led by reason or intuition, the end is the same; God is bringing my consciousness into unity with God's pure consciousness. I hope religions adopt practises so the congregations on an individual level can experience in their own unique way the Divine Grace of Unity.

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