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February Christmas Thoughts


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it's got nothing to do with the truth that you knew

it is everything else, it's not something that sells

it's like a face of black, a king in drag

and outside where the world is turning, it's only a candle's quiet burning

some would say it's a belief, but it still feels like trying to breathe...

finding a purer kind of oxygen, in the eyes of a God that looks like James Dean

it's got nothing to do with a rule and law, it's more like telling the heart what it saw

and trying to explain what you feel, believing that something is real

something we all love to remember, and celebrate in the cold december

a happiness in poverty, an idea of love for you and me

that might have been forgotten, that easily seems rotten

and what smells bad, we always want to forget...

but there is no carcass in this, just a child's festive day bliss

that another easter makes small and mild, until again you feel like a child

in a night that feels like the better day, feelings aren't splendid but you say it's okay

and you understand inbetween a surprising sigh, that this life with God might be given a try

and if you mess up, he'll still offer his cup

and it's not just cold water, it's not his end of a barter

that there is a God who always knew, that He couldn't be something else but loving you

and he's just a child, can't be strong and wild

only governs our time, like poems that rhyme

and we're his small clock, he winds it up, we tick tock

and this faint feeling, is like a weak kneeling

before a face we can't see, before a dream we can't be?

or maybe we can, and God's our fan

and tonight you would say, love would come the next day

and it doesn't just come, it's what we have done

and the city is breathing, your chest is heaving

there's another sigh coming, another drum drumming

january has worked so well, a broken church's last old bell

the next month is smiling, the prisoner's filing

away the last bar, freedom's not very far

but there is another, and he's not just a laugher

he felt you bleed, you saw his need

for maybe just a day, when we both would be gay

and say to the sky, it's for love, the last why...

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