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Why Liberal Christianity Is Losing Influence And Members (And How To S

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i liked your post, XianAnarchist, you seem to have described me quite precisely!


I attend a traditional church, due to family commitment, but otherwise I don't think I would be interested in joining a more progressive church. Although that could change as I am still on this 'spiritual journey' and don't know where i will arrive next.


traditionally, a church is united on their own interpretation of the bible, but when one becomes of the mindset that you are free to interpret it as you like and, indeed, ignore as much of it as you want, then there isn't the same desire to go and listen to the interpretations of others (for me anyway). at the minute my exploration into the spiritual is personal and i can't see that changing in the near future.


As you say, there is much to be found on the internet and i have gained much from interviews, books, message boards etc etc. I think, if human interaction regarding spirituality is required, it is good to come to a place like this and discuss your own interpretation, rather than sit in a congregation and listen to someone else's.



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BoundSacrifice, why do you limit yourself to this conservative/liberal paradigm? You sound like a committed and faithful person. I don't know how spiritual discipline has shaped your faith and your commitment. I am personally at the point where I accept the surface differences and want to move beyond the conservative/liberal arguments that will never be resolved. I have found so much that is edifying in orthodoxy as well as unorthodox practice. I believe all people regardless of their beliefs have something to contribute to the journey of faith. My own challenge in loving those who are so so different from me in terms of faith but my practice is beginning to transform me. By practice I mean gratitude, hearing and meditating on scripture, really listening to all views and engaging in people's lives to work toward discernment and not judgement. And many more to work on too.

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